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Wild Elephant Rescue Mission – Chantaburi

Again WFFT’s wildlife rescue team was informed by one of our volunteers in Chanthaburi province that a large male wild elephant was stuck in a mud pool for two days and could not get on his feet. Immediately our rescue team got on the way to see if they could help out. The E.R.E.C. mahout Berm and Doctor Olarn (Oh) left that morning to make the six hour trip to Chanthaburi province.

WFFT was able to help out with stabilizing the elephant, feeding it and putting it on a drip to protect it from dehydration. On the 3rd day government vets and officials joined the rescue. Unfortunately the elephant died on the 4th day of our mission. repeated tries to get it back on its feet again did not work out. The elephant was poisoned by local villagers to keep it away from their crops planted inside the National Park. Nobody was held responsible, one more elephants died in vain…

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