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To the rescue of Kaew Petch the elephant!

Another elephant retires from work forever!

Kaew Petch is a 50 years old elephant who has worked in the tourism trade since the 1980’s. She was found by us in a elephant tourism camp, suffering from severe skin infections caused by a fungus on over 60% of her body. Kaew Petch, who we will from now on call “Nam Petch” was itchy and irritated with no pool nearby to bathe, not enough water to shower and too much time at work to treat the skin disease.

It would have not been possible to rescue “Nam Petch” if it wasn’t for the fantastic people in Sydney who raised enough funds to rescue, treat and retire her forever. As her skin disease was so severe we expect that she would need intensive care for at least 6 months to come, something that would not be possible at the elephant camp where she worked until last week.

Nam Petch after almost 10 days at WFFT
Nam Petch after almost 10 days at WFFT

We expect to be daily treating Nam Petch for the coming months, with daily showers, baths and skin treatment! The amount of cream to be used for this treatment is going to be huge! If you would like to support this treatment, you can. We will use one full can of cream every day costing 9 dollars each. Your donation to this treatment is very appreciated.

We at WFFT would, on behalf of Nam Petch, like to thank Joan Pearson and all her friends in Sydney for the splendid fund-raising evening and Humane Society of Australia with again facilitating the donation.

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