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It’s not always about helping wildlife…

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Yesterday via social media we were made aware of the plight of over 250 cats and dogs living at a temple in Pranburi, they have been cared for many years by a nun, who feeds them and try’s to take care of them within her limited resoruces. This month food donations were very low and she had only one bag of dog biscuits left to feed all the animals. Today a team from WFFT headed out to donate 30 bags of dog food and 3 bags of cat food, this will feed all the animals for the next month. We were also there to discuss further assisting this highly compassionate and caring lady. All but a few of the animals have not been vaccinated or de-sexed, resulting in regular litters of puppies and kittens being born. This out of control breeding makes the work of this lady almost purposeless as the population continues to grow, with a current population of over 200 dogs and 50 cats, most of which had originated from 40 animals she began to care for 9 years ago after heavy flooding in the area. In the coming weeks and months, we hope to be able to help by vaccinating and de-sexing all these animals.

WFFT are in the process of founding a cat and dog cooperative project in Hua Hin in conjunction with some other domestic animal welfare groups in the area. The stray animal population in the province is out of control, as with many other places throughout Thailand.

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