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Welcome Jimmy – A new Civet joined our Community

A few days ago, a man brought an adult male Common Palm Civet named Jimmy, to the WFFT Wildlife Rescue Centre. As the man explained by phone to our Vet Team before bringing him in, he received this civet from someone and took care of him for 4 months. Jimmy was kept in a very small dirty cage for most of his captive life, this has resulted in some small bed sores. Luckily, the new owner decided to give and it over to WFFT, if he had not the wounds would has become more severe.

The common palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) is listed by the IUCN Red List as Least Concern (LC) regarding the fact they are able to adapt themselves to a lot of different habitats and have a large range. Usually their weight is around 2 to 5 kilos, at a whopping 5kg, Jimmy is a big one, due to his bad diet and lack of movement. Jimmy has been placed in quarantine in one of our forest enclosures. During this time, he will also be able to adjust to his new life, with a lot more freedom to move around. The Vet Team will make a full health check up once he is less stressed, to be sure he is in good health. He will then be able to meet some of the other civets at WFFT, and make some new same species friends. We will keep you updated of how Jimmy goes and how he will fit his new community.

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