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Honey Bamboo!

The least we can say is that our bears are more than bearly gourmets ! Our Wildlife Staff and volunteers know this ! Each day, in addition to their regular food, they have enrichments, like all the rescued animals of the WFFT center. Here to stimulated them and encourage their…

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Work, work, work, work….

Without our volunteers WFFT would have to find outside help to care for all the animals we rescue. 100's of fresh meals are prepared every single day by our dedicated hard working volunteers. Be part of the action, take a look here

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Time for Otters Mission Again!

Once again, the "Otter Aqua park" at our Newland otter habitat had its grand spring-clean! One of the rare special projects that combines Wildlife Volunteers and Elephant Refuge Volunteers. On a very hot sunny day, the general mood was really good and smiles were on every face. Lots of fun…

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“Let’s Paint some Posts…”

The WFFT Elephant Refuge volunteers have been busy over the past few days painting the posts of a very special new enclosure we are constructing for a female elephant named Thong Phoon. We are currently raising funds to rescue her, see how you can help us secure her freedom here…

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