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As a result of the global pandemic and the resulting lack of tourists and volunteers, WFFT urgently needs your support to feed and provide care to rescued wildlife.

We have 700+ mouths to feed and animals to take care of. However, we must not cut back on the quality of care given to the rescued animals, who have already suffered so much. These are animals like Canoe, pictured above, who was rescued after spending more than 30 years, all alone, in a small metal cage in Bangkok. Now he lives on an open island. But he, and the rest of the animals need your help as a matter of urgency.

Over the last year, we have dramatically reduced our operating costs and have managed to survive up until now. But without help, we may not survive the year.

We need wildlife lovers like you to get through this crisis. Without food and staff to care for the rescued animals, the fate of our animals (as well as those waiting to be rescued) becomes uncertain.

We know we can get through this difficult time, but only if kind people like you make a small donation to keep our animals well-fed, happy and healthy. Closing our doors is simply not an option.

These are challenging times for many around the world. We therefore truly appreciate any amount you able to give. Your kindness today enable us to care for the 700 animals including gibbons, loris, orangutans, bears, otters, macaques and many more.

Please, can you donate today to help care for these animals?

Rescued Elephant
Gibbons In Trees
Leopard Cat
Bear In Pool


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Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand needs your help! Connect with us and share our stories. If you are in Thailand find out how you can help. Come visit us and get involved.

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