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Is this the luckiest dog in the world?

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A few months ago a little old dog was found hiding in the bushes outside the WFFT Wildlife Rescue Centre. Our rescue centre is located in rural Thailand and is home to over 600 wild and domestic animals. Dogs rarely find their way here themselves. This poor dog had clearly been dumped and was in a terrible state. His black coat was severely overgrown and matted. It was also home to one of the worst infestations of ticks and fleas the vet team had ever witnessed. As it was a quiet day at the hospital the whole team set to work on clipping, cleaning and removing his parasites. This was when the first little miracle happened. Beneath the grime and matts was actually a little white poodle.

Colgate as he was named showed a remarkable likeness to WFFT President Noi’s own dog Pui. Noi and Edwin immediately decided that this little dog was going to live with then, rather than in the hospital. They took him home where he immediately settled in to a life of pampering and love that had clearly been missing from his life for some time.

Colgate quickly blossomed and regained much of the strength he had lost through his parasite burden. His appetite was not great and it became clear that his problems were not quite over yet. Colgate’s teeth were in a very bad way and the smell from his mouth was becoming putrid. The decision had to be made to give him an anaesthetic and try to attend his teeth. He was far from an ideal anaesthetic risk but action needed to be taken.

Colgate was anaesthetised and only then could the scale of his problem be appreciated. His mouth was dripping with pus and his teeth were in the worst state of neglect the vet team had ever witnessed. By the time he woke up Colgate had 4 teeth left! The rest had to be removed or simply fell out. Given pain killers and antibiotics he was remarkably bright when he woke and was immediately looking for food. Within days Colgate was a new dog. His breath would not knock you over, his appetite was ravenous and his demeanor had completely changed. He was now bright and playful and was clearly reveling in the attention that was deservedly being showered on him. He quickly won the hearts of all the staff and volunteers at the centre and fitted in with all the other dogs without a glitch. His new carers have been completely won over by his charm.

Despite having rescued and cared for thousands of animals over the last 17 years they have been running a wildlife rescue centre, this little dog was clearly something special to them. Whenever they are parted the joy of the reunion is clearly visible in all of them, even if it has only been for a few minutes. If they have had to be away overnight the first priority on return is to find Colgate. Not that he is lost without them. He has made friends with everyone at the centre.

Edwin recently described Colgate as “the best rescue of the year”. This is high praise considering the number and variety of animals that have been rescued lately. But every now and again a little miracle happens. To have gone from the decrepit state this dog was dumped in to the happy little dog he has become is remarkable. To have won the hearts of one of the worlds biggest animal campaigners is a blessing. Colgate could not have wished to land in a better place. He is enjoying all the love he wishes, his good health and is living in the best home any dog could wish for.

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