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Give for rescued bears this festive season

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Give for rescued bears today

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Here at WFFT, we care for more than 30 sun and moon bears rescued from extremely sad and cruel situations. Will you please give a festive gift today so rescued bears like Sia and Bouncer can get the homes and care they urgently need?

The beautiful bears at WFFT were mostly rescued from the illegal wildlife trade and from horrendous lives in tiny cages. They were stolen from the wild and then illegally sold as pets, or were rescued from temples and/or horrible zoos. Then, there is Bouncer (pictured above), who was caught in a cruel snare. In one moment, he tragically lost a limb, as well as any hope of a life in the wild.

As a result of human cruelty, these bears can never go back to the wild, and are entirely dependent on you and WFFT for the life-long care they require.

This festive season, we urgently require your help to build new homes for nine of our bears, including for our newest rescued bear, Sia.

Sia was recently rescued from a zoo where she spent 15 years, all alone, in a small, concrete cage. Your kindness will help Sia, and many more like her, recover from their trauma, and get the essential care and better lives they so deserve, after many years of suffering.

Please donate today for rescued bears. Every donation will help them. Thank you for any life-changing gift you can give.

Rescued Bears At WFFT
Your kindness today will help more rescued bears get the enriched homes and essential care they need

Anything raised in excess of the funds required for this campaign will be used to support WFFT’s work to help wildlife in south-east Asia. The Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) is a registered foundation under Thai law, Foundation No: T271/2545

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