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Binturong enjoys the high life in the new nocturnal zone at WFFT

Binturongs are listed as vulnerable in some parts of their range and endangered in others. Yet nowhere in the wild are they common and they are currently at risk due to habitat destruction/fragmentation and illegal poaching for the black market trades for traditional medicine, fur and exotic pets. They are considered to be a delicacy in some areas and are therefore also hunted for food. Binturongs are primarily nocturnal and move slowly through their homes in the trees to look for fruit and small prey such as birds and rodents.

Currently the only binturong resident at WFFT, “Sandee” was originally poached from the wild in Myanmar and sold in Thailand as a pet, where he was denied such natural access to the forest. Now he snoozes the day away in the tree top, basking in the sun at 6m elevation. He has plenty of space to explore and jump around in this 12m long enclosure.

The nocturnal zone inside the protected forest at WFFT is also home to Charlie & Angel (two masked palm civets), Wicky (female masked palm civet) Rod, Jane & Freddy (three common palm civets), as well as two Loris habitats. The civets also have a 3x12m run of forest, with an artificial stream passing through.

These habitats have been made possible through contributions from our volunteers and the adoption scheme, for which the animals are truly grateful. Further enclosures in this nocturnal zone will be added in the future when more funds become available.

We have more civets looking for better homes and more animals to be rescued, so donations towards these animals are always welcome and do make a difference as you can see by the contented look on Sandee’s face.

If you would like to make a donation please visit our donation page here …

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