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Bear field 1 completed

Work has finally been completed on the first half of our new bear enclosure, and our group of four adult bears is enjoying the new open space.

The young bears who were initially placed in the first side have been moved to the second half of the enclosure which unfortunately, has yet to be completed.  Work has temporarily stalled due to finances but we are hopeful that some funding may be on its way in the near future.  The enclosure is complete with artificial trees for the bears to climb and sleep on top of, tunnels to hide in, padded with hay, and two swimming pools to cool in on hot days.  With its size, hills and concrete protected trees, the bears can choose to either hide from all visitors or interact when they feel like it.  The design of the enclosure allows the bears to be as sociable or private as they like.

The second half of the enclosure is waiting on similar constructions, and two outside holding cages are also waiting to be built, to assist with cleaning and maintaining the enclosures.

With over 2000sqm for the bears to run in, it is the closest we can come to a semi-wild environment, until a better solution can be found to the problem of the illegal trade in wildlife.

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