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Baby Malayan Sun Bear Rescued

On Sunday August the 30th, a 3 month old Malayan Sun Bear arrived at the WFFT wildlife hospital. He had been living a happy existence with his mother in the wild, before being hunted and caught in our local Kaengkrachan national park.

After being captured, his front and back legs were tied together so tightly, that when he arrived he could barely drag himself along the ground. He had severe swelling and inflammation around his ankles and wrist joints, as well as suffering from gastroenteritis and dehydration. His pain was relieved soon after arriving with several injections to help reduce the swelling and make him feel more comfortable.

Amazingly, within a few hours the little cub was on his feet and attempting his first steps since capture. Now, the medical staff take him on several short walks a day, without any difficulty. He’s got a strong spirit, and is very alert and interested in the the new world around him. He is being closely monitored by our vet team.

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