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URGENT: 11 tigers and two bears are in need of urgent rescue and rehoming

Phuket Zoo is closing down. It is a desperate situation for 11 tigers and two bears, who require urgent rehoming. Right now, we simply do not have the funds to take these new animals. And time is truly of the essence. Can you please make an emergency donation, so we can bring all of them or some of them to WFFT asap?

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This is Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand’s (WFFT) biggest EVER rescue.

We must prepare enclosures, rescue, and commit to the life-long care of these animals. We can only rescue them when we have the funds to do so. Since March 2020, with such few tourists and volunteers, we have struggled to cover the costs to feed and care for the 700+ animals already at WFFT. We are therefore depending on animal lovers like you more than ever. We simply cannot do this without you. 

Due to COVID-19, there are many animal attractions in Thailand struggling to feed their animals and some are closing down. This zoo in Phuket is no longer able to take care of these 13 beautiful animals, and has asked for our immediate and urgent help.

We can give these 11 tigers and two bears a good life at WFFT. But we certainly cannot do it without your help. Right now, their futures are in the hands of supporters like you. Please, help if you can. Thank you!

Anything raised in excess of the funds required for this campaign will be used to support WFFT’s work to help wildlife in south-east Asia.

Asiatic Black Bear In Urgentneed Of Rescue
Asiatic black bear in urgent need of rescue
Tigers In Need Of Urgent Rescue
Tigers in need of urgent rescue
Tiger In Need Of Urgent Rescue
Tiger in need of urgent rescue
Malayan Sun Bear In Urgent Need Of Rescue
Malayan sun bear in urgent need of rescue

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