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LWRC – The first rescue of 2016: ‘Arnold’ the stump-tailed macaque

We recently received a call from the owner of an elderly male stump-tailed macaque (Macaca arctoides) that had been kept for 13 years in a small unsecure dilapidated cage behind her house. The LWRC Rescue Team went to see what they could do for this poor animal that was in crucial need of rescue. We offered to provide a new life for Arnold, the owner was then very pleased to let him go to the LWRC. After numerous failed rescue attempts by the NGO that used to run the Lao Zoo we are delighted to finally see this macaque out of the hideous ‘home’ he had been confined to. Arnold is currently in our quarantine facility undergoing a full health assessment. We hope in the future to integrate Arnold into one of our macaque groups and provided him with ample space to live in one of our yet to be completed open macaque fields.








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