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FINALLY a bit of justice!

Wildlife Friends Foundation found NOT GUILTY of running an illegal wildlife hospital

Today 27th of August 2013 the prosecutor and provincial court have ruled that the WFFT Foundation was not illegally running a wildlife clinic or animal hospital as charged by some officials early last year! The case has been dropped against the foundation and we can continue our work as usual, as we have done the last 12 years.

The Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) is still the ONLY wildlife NGO facilitating a wildlife rescue center in Thailand with a fully equipped and licensed wildlife hospital!

The accusations were made by the head of a department that raided the wildlife rescue center last year with over one hundred armed officers for 8 days. This man stated that “the WFFT wildlife rescue center had a dirty little room with old and dysfunctional medical supplies and instruments and was illegally running a hospital”  See photos hereunder to judge yourself….


The WFFT wildlife hospital is treating hundreds of animals (wildlife as well as pets of locals) every year and is a favorite of veterinarian students of several Thai universities to get work experience and exchange knowledge. We are happy this case is over and look forward to continue saving, rescuing and treating protected wildlife!

Hereunder some photos of events at our own wildlife hospital:

Link to the original story of last year HERE


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