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Purse – The surprise inside a handbag

Dropoffs are not a rare occurance at our centre. In fact, as our name starts to become more well known not only internationally but also with people in Lao PDR we see a high increase in animals being brought in directly by their owners.

Wether these wildlife pets have been obtained legally or illegally, in a fair percentage of our ‘drop off’ cases we have to conclude the owners are attached to their animal and often even feel affection for them. Most of them fortunately bring in their animals because they realize they have been in the wrong by owning such an animal in the first place. Other owners are ashamed, or simply do not want to face the confrontation. Unfortunately this often results in the drop offs that happen under the wrong circumstances and with animals in bad and traumatic situations. 

Although we are open to people and their ex-pets we always hope people have the opportunity and will take the responsibility to contact us before hand. This way we can discuss their current situation, their possible options and when needed safe ways to transport the animal to LWRC.

‘Purse’ a young pigtail macaque female (Macaca leonina) unfortunately fell victim to a badly executed transport to the centre. When our manager first got hands on the handbag she had no way to know for sure what kind of monkey she would find inside. Arriving at the wildlife clinic the handbag was opened immediately as there was no indication of how long this animal had been in there. Skinny and suffering from severe hyperthermia and dehydration we found shy ‘purse’ inside. She willingly let our vet staff remove the awful chain from her waste and give her the first medical care she was in need of.

Now in our quarantine ‘Purse’ awaits a life in one of our primate field troops after she has gained strength and has been cleared by our vet.

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