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After 8 years, macaques are rescued from temple in Vientiane

Last week the LWRC rescue team and the Lao PDR department of forestry inspection have together succeeded once more to rescue wild animals illegally kept as pets, this time by the removal of 3 macaques from their tiny cages at a temple in Vientiane capital city.
Both the two pigtail macaques, a male and a female now named Winston and Louise. And the impressive male stumptail macaque who we nicknames Logan, had been at the temple for over 8 years being held in small cages in the middle of the capital city.
After the efforts by concerned tourists to raise awareness about the situation, the government had recently moved on to legally confiscating the animals and hand them over to the care of LWRC.
The beautiful big macaques have been sedated on site to make transport as stress free for them as possible. Upon arrival at the centre they have received the needed veterinary care and we have good hopes to introduce them all to our existing primate troops after their period of quarantine. We will keep you posted on their progress!

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