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Confiscated Pangolins Return to the Forest

Christmas came early for a group of recently confiscated pangolins at the Laos Wildlife Rescue Centre as they were sent back to the wild. After spending some time being cared for by teams from WFFT and LWRC a total of 38 of the strongest pangolins were chosen as the first release candidates. This large operation took lots of planning, for the team on the ground finding a suitable safe and secret release location with a suitable habitat for the rescued pangolins was one of the biggest challenges. Financing such an operation is very costly, due to lack of funds we currently have for our Laos project, WFFT stepped in the cover all the costs of this operation, if you would like to assist with the financing of the further release(s) please help by donating at

After confiscation the pangolins were kept for 3 days prior to us being informed, this was a pity as the longer they are kept in captivity the lesser their chance of survival.

On Christmas eve the team embarked on a long 12-hour journey deep in to the jungle. Upon arrival to the secret location each of the pangolins were carefully loaded out of the transportation boxes and released at separate locations throughout the new protected habitat they will now call home. The next and final group pangolins are heading back to the wild today, watch out for updates very soon.

We would again like to thank the Lao authorities for successfully intercepting the illegal wildlife traders and saving the lives of these pangolins, the most illegally traded wild mammal species on earth. We hope that the remote area that they were released will keep them far from human exploitation. Run free little ones!!!

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