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Our last adult Asiatic Black bear moves in to his new home.

After his relocation last week the Asiatic black bear – Ursus Thibetanus – named ‘Dai Lao’ is now at home in his new enclosure and is doing wonderfully. It is amazing how quickly a bear’s instincts will kick in when introduced to an appropriate environment. In only a few days Dai started climbing (something he has never been given the chance to do before), and become a pro. Now that he is comfortable, we can also introduce Teddy to this oasis. This enclosure is especially important to us, because none of the tenants had seen grass before moving in here.

When bears are kept in small cages it prevents them from learning important survival and foraging skills. Many “pet” bears are kept indoors, where they cannot experience simple things from the natural world. They do not know what grass feels like, and in some cases, what the sky is. Some of our animal rescues had never been anywhere without a roof over their head, and did not know how to react when introduced to a natural environment.

This is why we needed to move the bears one at a time. While our un-BEAR-livable volunteer team was building the enclosure, Joe and Teddy were getting to know each other in quarantine. We soon realized that Joe was less confident than Teddy, and that he would need to be moved first. He was so confused by the concept of grass and trees in an open space, that it took him a little longer to really be comfortable in this new home.

Meanwhile Dai Lao and Teddy were given the chance to become fast friends. Because Teddy knew both Joe and Dai, it was best for Teddy to move last and give Dai and Joe a chance to become acquainted. Dai is a very relaxed and playful bear, so it only took him a couple of days to settle in and get comfortable. As expected, Teddy was right at home in hours, and now all three bears are enjoying this incredible enclosure.

With our last adult Asiatic black moved in to his permanent home this week, this results in 16 adult bears in a total of 5 completed bear fields. This does not mean our work is completed!
We still have 4 juvinile bear cubs that will need to be provided with a permanent outdoor enclosure, and with many more bears awaiting rescue in Lao we can use all the help we can get.

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