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An educational centre about Thailand’s wildlife is located at the centre, and groups of students of all ages and various nationalities visit the jungle with Wildlife Friends staff and volunteers to learn more about life in Thailand’s rainforests. WFFT staff and volunteers also visit schools to inform and educate students about animal welfare and conservation issues.

WFFT Education Project

One of the most significant aspects of wildlife conservation is the education of local communities and raising awareness amongst tourists, who inadvertently create a big demand for the exploitation of wildlife. Issues such as habitat loss, poaching, the illegal trade in wildlife as pets, the use of animals for entertainment in tourism, for the meat trade and use in traditional Chinese medicines, need to be fully understood by local communities and tourists in order for these problems to lessen.

Making people understand the consequences of their actions and persuading them to change their habits and attitudes towards wildlife is the first step to protecting them. If the buying stops, the killing will too. This is a long and arduous process and requires a holistic approach to education.

One of the Wildlife Friends most important objectives is the education of the local community. An educational center about Thailand ‘s’ wildlife containing information about animal welfare and conservation issues is located at the center for this purpose.

A school program is is being implemented whereby WFFT staff and volunteers visit schools in person to teach about wildlife conservation and animal welfare.

In addition to visiting schools, groups of students of all ages are welcome to visit the Wildlife Rescue Centre and it’s forests to learn more about the wildlife of Thailand, the stories behind the animals at the rescue centre, and important conservation and animal welfare issues.

We can provide also provide light refreshments/full lunches and fun animal-related quizzes, games and activities for students to play.

If you are a teacher/headteacher who is interested in visiting WFFT, please contact us at for further information.

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