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LWRC bears moved in to their new homes!

When the LWRC and WFFT team first arrived in June 2015, many of the bears lived in very poor conditions after years of insufficient care, it became a priority at the centre to improve the welfare of these animals and to provide them with a much better life.

Volunteers of our un-BEAR-lievable project got rewarded for their hard work during their last 2 days as they were able to witness the relocation of 6 young adult bears and 4 bear cubs to their new enclosures. Some of them setting foot on soil or grass for the first time in their entire lives!

With the bear cubs that were rescued during the early weeks of the start of LWRC and the two most recently rescued adult male bears we are currently housing a total 19 Asiatic black bears. This makes the completion of the first phase of our bear park a huge leap forward! What a great start for 2016 a year during which many things will progress at our centre!

LWRC now has 5 open bear fields with towers, climbing structures and pools for our bears to climb, swim and lay around in. We also have been able to update our outside ‘training’ enclosures this means our rescued bear cubs and recent rescues Joe and Teddy are now able to learn about life outdoors in a safe environment.






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