Feb 232006

February 2006, a long-tailed macaque was brought to our clinic from the national park with severe injuries to three of four limbs.  It is suspected some animals had been dumped in Kaengkrachan, an area long-tailed macaques are not known to populate prior to the finding of this monkey and others recently.

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Why or how, we are not entirely sure, but are doing our best to look into the situation.  The animal had such severe injuries to three limbs that amputation would have been required of all affected limbs.

The decision was made to euthanatize the monkey, rather than let it suffer in captivity, unable to climb or feed itself properly (the remaining limb would have been a hind leg), and being completely dependant on humans for the rest of it’s life. We received yet another injured long-tail macaque this week from Petchaburi city.

The young female macaque had suffered a severe head trauma injury as a result of a vehicular accident on the highway.

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