Before and after rescue!

Before and after rescue!

Is our work really needed? We received some questions and remarks from some people why we think our wildlife rescue work is important. Some large international organisations like them feel that there is no need for wildlife rescue centers… We at WFFT believe that without the exsistence of wildlife rescue centers there is no direct […]

A gibbon in your toilet?

A gibbon in your toilet?

A gibbon spend almost a week in toilet after biting its owner A young female gibbon was given to Mr. John, an expat living in a beach city in Thailand when she was only 6 weeks old. This little gibbon was taken from the wild just weeks before after her mother was killed. Her first […]

Tiger temple update

Tiger temple update

  Illegal wildlife found and tigers gone missing at the tiger temple   Over the past 8 weeks many stories were published about the tiger temple in the international and local Thai media. Many people have written to the WFFT over these last weeks as some media coverage in English might have been unclear or […]

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