A bad start of the day for this monkey

A bad start of the day for this monkey

Things can only get better for him now This morning WFFT was called by authorities to help a monkey that jumped from a building into a power line. After being electrocuted he then fell on the road and got run over by a car. The poor monkey was then hanging around the area, not able […]

Rescued elephant to be released back to the wild

Rescued elephant to be released back to the wild

Going home soon! The young wild elephant that has been under treatment for almost 2 months now is being made ready for release back to the wild on August 5th (coming wednesday). Today a captive elephant was used to take little “Rith” for a walk, so her health could be checked and her rescue site […]

Muntjac rescue at WFFT hospital

Muntjac rescue at WFFT hospital

Broken leg A red muntjac baby was brought in to the WFFT wildlife hospital today, with a broken leg. The little guy was found near a road and was probably hit by a car. Currently we are treating him and feeding him milk, grass and vegetables awaiting the healing process.

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