Gibbons back on the forested island at WFFT

Gibbons back on the forested island at WFFT

After almost 3 years we have now moved the next group of gibbons ready for release back to the wild onto our biggest forested island at the WFFT wildlife rescue center. The largest island, build in 2001, can house up to a dozen gibbons, but the current inhabitants, 5 in total are the ones that […]

Bobbie goes home!

Bobbie goes home!

Finally back to his family and the green trees! A young long-tailed macaque we like to call “Bobbie” was rescued several weeks ago after he and his mother were hit by a car. Bobbie’s mother got killed instantly and Bobbie was still hanging on to her on the side of the road. Bobbie’s injuries were […]

Welcome to La Ong Dao!

Welcome to La Ong Dao!

30 years of service of tourists and now retire! Our November 2014 elephant rescue is about “La Ong Dao”, a 55 year old elephant that was rescued from an elephant camp in Pattaya, Thailand. La Ong Dao has worked in tourism for the last 30 years and her rescue was an initiative of a few […]

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Latest Tweet: Another family of gibbons is send to one of the WFFT gibbon islands. They love to be back in the trees.
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