Welcome to La Ong Dao!

Welcome to La Ong Dao!

30 years of service of tourists and now retire! Our November 2014 elephant rescue is about “La Ong Dao”, a 55 year old elephant that was rescued from an elephant camp in Pattaya, Thailand. La Ong Dao has worked in tourism for the last 30 years and her rescue was an initiative of a few [...]

To the rescue of camels and giraffes...

To the rescue of camels and giraffes…

Camels and Giraffes! Wow! Our WFFT mobile clinic had to treat some new species (for us new at least) in this week. A tourist theme park nearby has recently opened and they have received several camels and giraffes. Although the facilities at this park are pretty good compared to other zoos and parks in Thailand [...]

Electrocuted loris rescue #42

Electrocuted loris rescue #42

Power lines might be number one killer for nocturnal slow loris. Today we received another slow loris that was electrocuted in power-lines in Prachuapkhirirkhan province. The poor little guy has burns all over its body but swill probably survive the painful ordeal. WFFT hospital staff is treating the slow loris currently and keeping a close [...]

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