Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand

The Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) is a registered foundation under Thai law, Foundation No: T271/2545.
Main objectives:

  • Rescue maltreated and/or neglected wild animals
  • Provide sanctuary for sick and disabled animals
  • Rehabilitate and Release where possible and care for those who are unable to be returned to the wild
  • Educate people, particularly children, to stop cruelty to animals
  • Campaign against illegal trade in wild animals, discourage use of animals for entertainment
  • Prevent hunting and promote conservation of all natural resources, fauna and flora alike.
  • Cooperate with and assist Royal Forestry Department and other organizations with the rescue and conservation of wild animals.

Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand operate several projects; Willdlife Rescue Centre, Elephant Refuge and Education Centre, Wildlife Hospital, Forest Restoration and Conservation, Gibbon Release and Rehabilitation, Wildlife Tourism Campaign, Street Elephant Campaign and Volunteer Opportunities and education facilities in Thailand and Laos.

The Wildlife Rescue Centre is built on temple land; the abbot of the Kao Look Chang temple has generously given us a huge plot of forest for the animals to live in.

Flying Squirrels Rescued After Their Home Was Set On Fire

Flying Squirrels Rescued after their Home was set on Fire

Yesterday evening some concern locals brought in a pair of grey-cheeked flying squirrels (Hylopetes lepidus)…

Barn Owl Rescued And Released

Barn Owl Rescued and Released

Last week some concerned locals found a common barn-owl (Tyto alba) by the side of…

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Asiatic Golden Jackal Rescue

Asiatic Golden Jackal rescue

Gold Wolf or Golden Jackal handed over to WFFT A six month old "gold wolf…

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WFFT Assist Emergency Drill

WFFT assist emergency drill

WFFT assist Tourist Police in their Tourist Emergency Response Training Drill Last week, staff and…

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She Is Here!!! Nam Fon Returns To WFFT

She is here!!! Nam Fon returns to WFFT

We have decided to transport Nam Pon to WFFT but are still raising funds to…

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To The Rescue Of Camels And Giraffes…

To the rescue of camels and giraffes…

Camels and Giraffes! Wow! Our WFFT mobile clinic had to treat some new species (for…

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Sickly Baby Langur Arrives At WFFT For Treatment

Sickly Baby Langur arrives at WFFT for Treatment

A few days ago a baby dusky langur (Trachypithecus obscurus) was brought into WFFT by…

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Breaking News From The Tiger Temple!!!

Breaking News from the Tiger Temple!!!

The hideous practices of the Tiger Temple have been further highlighted by this mornings dreadful…

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Illegal Wildlife Traffickers At “Tiger Temple” To Receive Legal Zoo Permit

Illegal wildlife traffickers at “Tiger Temple” to receive legal zoo permit

Thailand – 20th April 2016 – The infamous Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi, Thailand has been…

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Dog Attack Muntjac Rescued

Dog Attack Muntjac Rescued

A few days ago an injured Southern red muntjac (Muntiacus muntjak curvostylis) was brought into…

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Asian Bears….

Asian Bears….

There are two types of bear indigenous to Southeast Asia; the Malayan sun bear (Helarctos…

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Eric The Elongated Tortoise Rescued

Eric the Elongated Tortoise Rescued

A few days ago a large male elongated tortoise (Indotestudo elongate) was brought into the…

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