Electrocuted Macaque Sparkie Returns Home

Electrocuted Macaque Sparkie Returns Home

‘Sparkie’ the long-tailed macaque (Macaca fascicularis) returns home after spending the past 6 months recovering at the WFFT Wildlife Rescue Centre. Back in August of last year he was electrocuted after climbing on exposed power lines, he then fell into a busy road and collided with a moving vehicle. He sustained terrible burns over the […]

East-Asian Porcupine rescue

East-Asian Porcupine rescue

This Monday morning our week started with a busy day in our wildlife hospital. A malayan porcupine that was kept at a temple in Prachuapkhirikhan province was brought in with a bleeding nose and our veterinary team quickly started with a diagnose and treatment. The porcupine has a huge swelling on the nose which turned […]

LWRC bears moved in to their new homes!

LWRC bears moved in to their new homes!

When the LWRC and WFFT team first arrived in June 2015, many of the bears lived in very poor conditions after years of insufficient care, it became a priority at the centre to improve the welfare of these animals and to provide them with a much better life. Volunteers of our un-BEAR-lievable project got rewarded […]

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