Bull elephant enclosure almost finished at WFFT

Bull elephant enclosure almost finished at WFFT

A first in Indo-china! It will be only a few days until we finalise the bull elephant enclosure at WFFT in Thailand! After 5 months of construction Khan Kloey can soon move in with Somboon into a much larger, more natural and a lot safer enclosure for male elephants! Khan Kloey is getting to an […]

Rescue of RUNGTHIP the elephant!

Rescue of RUNGTHIP the elephant!

The WFFT elephant refuge today welcomed another member to it’s family “Rungthip” Rungthip is a 55 year old elephant that has worked in the Thai elephant tourist trade for the last 25 years and did so in the last 3 years with severe arthritis, her both front legs being in constant pain. For several weeks […]

Otter Rescue on Koh Samui!

Otter Rescue on Koh Samui!

Escaped otter bitten by dog WFFT received a phone call from long-term WFFT supporter and Samui snake rescuer “Phil”. A small clawed otter was found on the island of Koh Samui that was attacked by a dog and had severe injuries to her neck. Phil immediately took the poor little girl to a veterinarian on […]

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